5 The Best Books for the Developers to Learn Node.js Effectively

developers to learn Node.js books

Node.js written in JavaScript is the great framework which is taken by the storm of millions of promising and potential developers to work with. Before taking this framework in the hands to develop the web application, any developer has to know some in-depth insights about the Node.js. Today, we are going to discuss 5 the best and useful books for the developers to learn Node.js effectively.

If you are very new to the Node.js framework, then, ‘what is Node?’ this book is written by Brett McLaughlin is very useful and informative. It is a very basic book that helps you to understand what is a Node? What is the purpose of using Node? Where to use Node? And for what kinds of projects you can implement Node?

To the point, this book explains about the basic concept of Node.js with the excellent citation. You may find the book to be very short and also looks like an essay or an article on the introduction of Node. But, its specialty is that it does give you clarity regarding Node.js and also does fairness to the title.

It is the helpful book for the developers who have a fair understanding of JavaScript and programming. This book from O’RELLY is a great one that helps you to gain an in-depth sight about the programming knowledge of Node.js.

It greatly speaks about the introduction of how to develop a highly-scalable web development framework written in JavaScript. The developers can ease the work of splitting the application logic between client and server side with the real-time explanations of Node.js in this book.

You can also come to know about its event loop architecture that how it greatly reduces the complexity and develops your server programming safe and easy. On the whole, it is the neat book for the developers to make out their own server-side web application.

Have a huge experience in JavaScript and want directly jump into the Node.js, then reference and knowledge you gain from this book helps to develop a user-friendly web application rapidly.

Smashing Node.js is the great book that enhances your ability in the Node.js even further. It encloses all necessary tools and features for developing an efficient web application. It also demonstrates the high-scalability web server knowledge of Node.js and also explains how to utilize the resources optimally in your web application.

Being a node.js developer, you can’t avoid the Learning Node.js book which will be yours on the hand guide for building a web application in the safest JavaScript. The book begins with the basic information of Node.js, event looping concept and non-blocking coding and concludes with voluminous practical information of Node.js. 

All through the book, it covers the development process of the server-side web application for all small, medium and large-scale web application.

If you aspire to become a great Node.js developer and programmer, this is the right book that you have to choose with. Get a head start to your new web application with this modern server side JavaScript programming based book by Jim R Wilson.  

This book is the right way to make a real-time and quality server-side application with ease. It helps you to clarify all your doubts in developing an exceptional web application in the framework with the real-time citation.

It briefly describes how to create a wide range of web application of any type like small, fast, low-profile, useful, and network application. It also gives guidelines for you to write non-blocking and asynchronous code in the special way of Node.js framework.

Final words

These 5 great books give you an in-depth knowledge about Node.js and also get the practical awareness that lead you to create an effective and efficient web server based application with ease.


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