What NodeJs means? And why developers like using it?

When it comes to the turn of software development, web developers always consider new technologies that are on trend. Node.js is a term which is most often heard among software developers these days. We cannot solely think Node.js as a very new term in the field of technology, but node.js developers find plenty of aspects that make them comfortable working with it., thus leading to its popularity. As a result you can trace out a great number of blogs, articles, and tweets on the same topic. This article expands the basic concept, what node.js is? And why programmers utilize it?


To explain it in pure terms, it is a platform based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime to help web developers to create “networking applications” so rapidly. It makes use of very lightweight I/O models for the development of effective as well as ‘real-time’ applications that can be used over various devices. This run-time environment utilizes Google’s V8 JavaScript engine for the development of perfect applications.

Why developers love to use Node.js?  

Most importantly, Node.js runs on server-side technology, and is single threaded, and event-driven. The event driven programmes work by keeping a great flow while we use it in massive applications that make use of ‘loops’ quite often. Thus Node.js becomes an apt platform to create applications that work as live ones, say an “instant chatting application”.

Single threaded means it utilizes one CPU only. Node.js really excels in the development of chat applications. The ability of Node.js to run across distributed devices, the light-weight structure, and the data-intensive structure are the facets that help Node.js developers when creating chat applications. The server-side components in this platform are elegantly  designed. In addition to all these, a refined delivery system in Node.js acts so perfectly by providing users a superb chatting experience.

The in-built JSON stored data helps Node.js to act wonderfully, having no blocks while displaying data from database objects. A developer can easily display JSON objects by using a REST API. In the process, developers can skip the requirement of a more than one conversation, for in Node.js they are using a uniform set of data.

Together with all these options, developers can produce excellent results with  Node.js when they use it in Data streaming, PROXY server-side applications, queued inputs, and in dashboards that display stock-broking, system monitoring so on. In short, it is a platform which can be used to work-out wonders with all server-side web applications.


Node.js developers should be aware of the fact that there are some applications in which the use of the run-time environment is not recommended. There are applications that call for massive computation or processing. In these kind of applications, the use of Node.js will bring performance lag. As mentioned in this article, it works on a single core, and is a great platform to use while creating real-time applications. Node.js is developed to fix I/O scaling issues, not compute scaling puzzles, as plain and easy to put it in right terms.


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